As one of the producers  ‘The Autism Enigma‘ I have been following the online discussion with interest. I’m pleased to see the variety of opinion about the film and subject itself. That was a prime reason for making this film – to stimulate discussion of the causes of a condition that is surrounded by opinion but not much clear evidence. Our aim was to introduce the work of Drs. Finegold, MacFabe and Allen-Vercoe to wider evaluation and discussion.

Thank-you for airing the film and bravely wading into the controversy. May I suggest that you include on your website in the “Autism Research, Reports and Statistics” section of the “Background Information” a recent article by Dr. MacFabe that clearly lays out the status of his team’s research, and his wish for a collaborative approach in future work on autism research (see below).

Short-chain fatty acid fermentation products of the gut microbiome: implications in autism spectrum disorders | Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease | Aug 2012

Sincerely yours,
Christopher Sumpton
Toronto, Canada