Below is a letter recently sent to Four Corners by one of the younger members of our viewing audience. We’d like to share his thoughts and thought it would make a fitting opening post on the new 4 Corners blog:

Please allow me to thank you firstly for having such an informed, educational, eye opening, jaw dropping, heart touching show that just grabs you and has you hooked until the very end.
I am a 27 year old young man, who has run into a bit of health problems in the past year, my liver is on its last legs and i was given 18 months to live unless i was fortunate enough to get a transplant, i was told in december 2011 that i had maximum 18 months so i’m not able to work my usual job as an equine vet and have found myself watching (or should i say catching up on) alot of current affairs shows, hoping to broaden my thoughts and not think of what may happen to me. Until i come across your show i was begining to get very bored and not interested in such shows because of the lack of interesting story lines etc.
I even went out and purchased myself a new 34″ touch screen computer so i could jump onto your web-site and go back through your archives to watch previous shows, you have truely brightened up everyone of my days, not to mention totally changed my oppinions on certain subjects.
Friends and family are become very aware that im now bringing up subjects and debate topics over dinner or in general talk that i would never have before, plus they know that its best not to question me on Four Corners reliability because it will spark a 5 hour debate in which i will defend Four Corners until im blue in the face, and most times i’ve changed alot of others views after showing them an episode etc.
i know all this may just sound stupid but your show has truely and honestly made my life and whats left of it so much more then i could of ever thought possible
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Keep up the great work.
Stevie Beasley